Breakthru’s Learn-2-Earn feature helps students personally, professionally, and financially in just a few minutes a day. While a micro-payment from Breakthru certainly isn’t going to eliminate student debt entirely, it can cover a safe Uber ride from the library after studying late, a Netflix subscription to help decompress at the end of a long day, a toilet paper order from Amazon, or a Venti-Iced-Cappuccino once a week without buyers remourse.

‍Learn-2-Earn allows students to explore different career, volunteer, or financial opportunities while adding to their Breakthru wallets. Instead of having students pay to use resources, we are giving them unlimited opportunities to build and grow their net worth so that they can pay for college as well as fulfill other various personal needs. Students have multiple ways to earn while using the Breakthru app.

One option students have is the Play-2-Earn feature, where students complete a Daily Opportunity by showing their interest in a few general opportunities. Then, students will be able to unlock our in-app spin-the-wheel game, where they can generate points and keep trying their hand at a scholarship bonus. Another way students can earn is by achieving Badges through discovering opportunity, and accessing future-enhancing information.

‍Learn-2-Earn helps students by giving them a chance to feel accomplished because they are earning on their own without having to look too far or high. The feeling you get when you’ve earned something also brings a lot of reassurance. With the launch of a new Learn-2-Earn feature, Breakthru announces a partnership with Forage, CollegeXpress, and Front Office Sports to help create equitable access to financial, education and career opportunities.

‍Breakthru Opportunities are created by companies students already know about, or haven’t met yet. Forage, CollegeXpress, and Front Office Sports recently launched their own Learn-2-Earns, providing engaging student opportunities filled with career-building, financial, and professional resources.

‍Students that show interest in listed opportunities are prompted to earn badges showing that they have interacted with a specific opportunity or that they have reached one of Breakthru’s in-app milestones. Students like earning badges to show their progress or achievements. Earning a badge tells a student that they have achieved a goal! It’s a boost of accomplishment that can help students feel good about themselves, while learning something new that can help them in the future (plus a micro-payment).

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