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CakeResume was established in 2016, with the intention of helping job seekers to fully display their value. We create an accessible free resume/CV builder, for users to build highly-customized resumes. By freely drag and edit sections of images, videos and slides, CakeResume enables users to create unique & eye-catching resumes. Apart from 50+ professional templates and 500+ real resume examples from diverse industries, CakeResume also supports cross-platform sharing and resume PDF free download. Having a compelling resume is just like a piece of cake!

To continuously assist job seekers in pursuing their ideal career, CakeResume provides latest and quality jobs from renowned startups and enterprises. No matter you are looking for internships, opportunities of career change, part-time jobs or full-time jobs, you can find them all here! On CakeResume, we insist on revealing transparent salary information, and job seekers can utilize various filters, including salary range, location, to find the most suitable jobs vacancies for them. CakeResume is committed to providing talents better career growths and opportunities!

CakeResume not only tries to provide the best service to job seekers, but also devotes to helping companies hire the right talent. With more than 500,000 resumes/CV in talent pool of various fields, including software engineers, designers, marketing talents and etc., CakeResume provides free job-posting service, recruitment of senior engineers (JobEspresso), and professional headhunting consultations. CakeResume is proud to help companies recruit quality talents in the most efficient and effective way!

Mandy Shrimpton
Mandy Shrimpton

Mandy Shrimpton is the quintessential people’s person. Mandy believes that success is measured by the quality of our human-relationships rather than the results we manifest through sheer will. Mandy firmly established herself as the heart of the non-profit organisation that she co-founded and ran with her adoring husband for 17 years. Mandy loves walking in nature with her family, hugging trees, and preserving the environment. She also enjoys being creative and is particularly fond of painting flowers. As a very happily married and devoted mother to four children, Mandy has cultivated a deep appreciation for the culinary arts and relishes the spare moments she gets to watch her favourite cooking shows

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