The Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera was founded in 2004 for the purpose of furthering the Italian language and culture. Located in a quiet, picturesque alley in the old town of Alghero in Sardinia, Pintadera is run by two dynamic women. Angela is from Alghero, whilst Nicola is a native of Berlin with a diverse international background.

Welcoming and relaxing, Pintadera offers the perfect atmosphere for learning the Italian language and gaining a unique insight into Sardinian culture. We take language out of the classroom and onto the streets of Alghero so that our students soon feel part of the community. Learning with Pintadera is inspiring.

Our teachers are energetic university graduates, specialized in the teaching of Italian as a second language, chosen for their teaching ability as well as their engaging personalities. From the beginning, we take our students out of the classroom and onto the vibrant streets of Alghero. Not only will you speak Italian, but you will eat, drink, and above all live and breathe the Italian language in Alghero Sardinia.

We offer a complete range of Italian Language courses, tailored to your interests and abilities, and a variety of Special Courses which convey this Mediterranean culture and our way of life. Our program is not merely a language course, but a total immersion in the rich life of our town. Our objective is to provide Italian language teaching in a pleasant and stimulating environment through a balanced combination of study and leisure.

The heart of Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera’s Italian program is the Lingua group language course, with maximum 8 students per class.

The lessons are normally divided into two parts, with a different teacher guiding each segment. The first part emphasizes Italian grammar and structure. The second part focuses on the application and exercise of these linguistic rules in real life settings.

We do not employ standard Italian textbooks but instead produce our own class and take-home materials which are modified to the particular interests, abilities and needs of the group. This method has proven most effective in teaching adults who come to us from different backgrounds and who respond most favourably when treated in a way that is personally significant.

Pintadera carefully selects readings from Italy’s most celebrated poets, playwrights, and novelists. Wide varieties of current-event materials such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasts are used in the Pintadera learning experience. Together, the student is enlightened to valuable Italian cultural, historic and contemporary perspectives and supplemented with improved linguistic and communicative skills.

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera offers three basic levels of Italian proficiency: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Absolute beginner classes generally begin the first Monday of every month. Intermediate and advanced learners may start on any Monday, and depending on student circumstances, may enjoy the liberty of beginning on other days.

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera offers not only Italian language courses. We welcome and assist those that wish to settle in Sardinia for a longer period of time. We know the town, we know the people, we can help with logistics like finding the appropriate accommodation, and we know how to navigate the local bureaucracy.

We will help you settle in Sardinia, while you learn to speak Italian with us and gradually become a part of our community.

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